PAPERTEK Solutions is the agent of BRIANPACK in GERMANY

Brianpack is the manufacturer of handles for boxes. Further Brianpack
is manufacturer of the feeder belonging to their handles.
This feeders fit to all types of folder gluer.

Papertek Solutions is the exclusive agent of BIMAC Srl. in GERMANY and AUSTRIA

BIMAC is manufacturer of SLITTER/SCORING machines
for corrugated board. Since short time also
Flexo Folder Gluer can be offered.

Papertek Solutions is the agent of SOLEMA in the German spoken countries

SOLEMA is leader in machines and equipment for the automation of print shops
and book binderies. Further SOLEMA produce converting machines for the
corrugating industry like slitter and partition assembly.

Papertek Solutions is the agent of VEGA in Germany

Since 65 years VEGA produce folder gluer for solid- and corrugated board.
Different models and their continuous development make VEGA
to a leading manufacturer.

Welcome to Papertek Solutions GmbH

PAPERTEK Solutions GmbH is specialized in the trade, service and installation of paper and corrugating cardboard machines and operates worldwide.

For the international manufacturer  BIMAC,  BRIANPACK, SOLEMA and VEGA we have exclusive distribution agreements for the German spoken markets.

Stefan Schönberger
Managing Director

Stefan Schoenberger